Moldex3D Advanced Package offers all users, from product and mold designers to advanced CAE experts, the ability to obtain the details of all types of designs, from thin-wall molded parts to complex models with fine features.

Advanced Solution Package provides 3D Coolant CFD to fulfill RHCM and Conformal Cooling requirements to bring more benefits and value to users. BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh) module with Non-Matching mesh technology is also added into preprocessing interface to facilitate the part and mold creation and auto meshing technology enable users to work in CAD with no need for advanced CAD knowledge.

In addition, the diversity and robustness of elements ensure the fidelity of solutions. Combining the advantages of 2.5D and 3D modeling, Moldex3D Advanced Package ensures the accurate and efficient performance for every design. Users are able to obtain product insights and properties, and further to optimize processes before physical parts are built. Moldex3D Advanced Package helps companies to design products with confidence, reduce development costs, and shorten time to market.

  • Combining the advantage of both 2.5D and 3D modeling, efficient and accurate solutions are achieved
  • Automatic eDesign meshing technology supported
  • Automatic BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh) with Non-Matching mesh topology technology supported
  • Interactive 3D meshing supports high fidelity Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM), hybrid mesh, and versatile element types
  • Results with figures and animations enhance communication

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