Smart Manufacturing is the application of digital technologies to manufacturing. It is all about having the right information, at the right place, at the right time. The goal is to link disparate systems and span processes across all departments and functions within the value chain. By doing so, the entire product lifecycle is impacted – from design to production to servicing of the final product(s). With smart manufacturing systems, each stakeholder gains quicker access to more accurate data. This improves process efficiency and heightens the quality of organizational decision-making.

Smart, connected products can send customer data to product managers to help anticipate demand and meet ongoing maintenance needs. The result is better-designed products maintained in detail throughout the product life cycle. By involving customers during the entire product lifecycle, requirements can be fulfilled faster and with far fewer iterations.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing brings together complex manufacturing processes across departments and eliminates paper processes that can be fraught with errors and repeated information.

  1. Increased efficiency through the automated exchange of data
  2. Avoidance of costly errors due to missed or misinterpreted data
  3. Quicker turnaround at all levels of the value chain
  4. Greater insight at critical decision points
  5. Real-time visibility into the effects of changes to processes, equipment, systems, or components
  6. The faster pace of innovation
  7. Lowered cost of production and maintenance
  8. Real-time asset tracking
  9. Temperature monitoring to make needed adjustments in cutting tools for hotter temperatures.
  10. Predictive maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns
  11. Optimizing workstations to benefit the entire production line


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