What Bluechip offers in Analytics as a Service? (AaaS)

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) provides a fully customized analytics platform from data storage to custom reports and dashboards for in-cloud data analysis on a subscription-fee basis.

We will help and provide customers with Tableau Dashboards on subscription bases on which they can take actionable insights on the visualization of their sales, revenues, expenses, profits loss everything while avoiding investments in the development and implementation of the Tableau, the analytics tool.

What Analytic Services does Bluechip offer?

Financial Analytics
  • Analyze revenue, profit, loss, expenses of a company
  • Analyze overall financial performance as well as initiate budget planning
  • Plan future business plan along with risk forecasting
Asset Analytics
  • Real-time asset monitoring and tracking
  • Asset Life cycle management
  • Asset maintenance
Customer Analytics
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer sentiment analysis for increasing product and service quality
  • Customer behavior analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Personalized cross-selling and upselling offers for extended customer lifetime value.
Product Analytics
  • Know the product performance analysis
  • Track customer interactions with a product to identify pain points
  • Conducting competitor benchmarking.
HR Analytics
  • Employee/department performance monitoring and analysis.
  • Employee experience and satisfaction analysis.
  • Employee retention strategy optimization and management.
  • Employee hiring strategy analysis and optimization.
Supply Chain Analytics
  • Identifying demand drivers, consumer demand forecasting and planning.
  • Supplier performance monitoring and evaluation.
  • Predictive route optimization.
  • Determining the optimal level of inventory to meet the demand and prevent stock outs, inventory planning and management.
  • Identifying patterns and trends throughout the supply chain for enhanced supply chain risks management.
Manufacturing Analytics
  • Overall equipment effectiveness analysis and optimization.
  • Manufacturing process quality prediction and management.
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling.
  • Power consumption forecasting and optimization.
  • Production loss root cause analysis.

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