3D Printing

What is 3D Printing ?

3D Printing is a process used to synthesize a three-dimensional object in which successive layer upon layer of material is formed under computer control to create the object. 3D prints can be of almost any shape or geometry created from 3D CAD model data.

There are various technologies of 3D Printing FDM, SLA-DLP, Material jet, SLS, DMLS, SLM which can print materials like Plastics, Nylon, Gypsum, Ceramic and All Metal upto Titanium.

With 3D Printing you can Create Functional Prototypes, Scale Models, Patterns for Casting, Medical surgical guides, Medical Implants, Castable wax model for further Investment Casting and many such more applications.


  • Investment Casting : Get 3D Printed WAX as per your CAD File which can be directly use for casting. No requirement of die for sampling.
  • Jigs &Fixtures : Save time and cost by 3D Printing custom Jigs & fixtures .Like work holding devices, Templates, Test Fixtures & Modular Fixtures.
  • Casting Pattern : Get Faster durable &Accurate 3D Printed Patternwith FDM Technology.Reduce Pattern cost 50% to 70%Get Faster Design Revision.
  • Engineering Prototypes : Print & Visualize functional complex assemblies to get flexibility you want before starting Manufacturing.
  • Scale Model : Get Fast and accurate 3D Printed Scale Model for Representation Purpose of Industrial Plants, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, etc.
  • Architectural : We 3D Print Realistic rchitectural Model Elevation, Floor Plans, Interior etc to showcase your projects beautifully.
  • Medical : 3D printers are used in Medical for Medical Guides to assist with proper surgical placement before operation. Implants like cranial plates or hip joints etc. External prostheses of Hands & Legs.
  • 3D Printed Selfies : Life is full of moments that can become precious jems, Capture your precious moments & occasions with 3D Selfies in remarkable details and fine features.
  • Electronics : Get 3D printed customized enclosures for your PCBs. 3D Printing allows designers to easily create attractive small form factor consumer electronics prototypes.
  • Robotics : Build your robots easy with all your design imagination and configuration of parts and have them in your hand virtually. Bring your ideas to reality with 3D Printing.
  • Custom Gift : Get 3D Printed Customized & Personalized gifts for your loved ones for all occasions and festivals.
  • Education : 3D Printing is new era of Manufacturing Technology. In upcoming years 3D Printers would be part of the everyday life. We are here to explore application of 3D printers and teach you accordingly.

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