Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

At Fibrox we have Industrial Grade 3D Scanner for Reverse Engineering services. We Offer high quality 3D scanning services for a wide variety of applications. We have a complete tool set for turning raw 3D scan data into high quality Solid models. With the help of 3D Scanning any information from physical model can be transferred to 3D CAD model. With 3d Scanning you can easily and quickly capture the shape and geometry of the physical model. 3D Scan data can also be used directly to 3D print the Object or directly it can be used for machining in CNC/VMC. 3D Scan data is also used to do comparison between Cad Model and physical manufactured model. We can deliver the scanned 3D model in various different CAD formats. For 3D Scanning we offer onsite & offsite services to our customers.

Reverse engineering services:

  • 3D inspection & Quality Inspection
  • Surfacing modelling & solid modelling
  • CAD Comparison
  • Industrial 3D Scanning of Moulds, Components, Assemblies etc.

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