Ansys cloud-native solutions provide unparalleled capacity to speed up completion times for even the largest finFET integrated circuits (IC) and 3D/2.5D multi-die systems. These powerful multiphysics analysis and verification tools reduce power consumption, improve performance and reliability, and lower project risk with foundry-certified golden signoff verification.

Semiconductors Products

Ansys RedHawk-SC

AnsysRedHawk-SC is the industry’s trusted gold standard voltage drop and electromigrationmultiphysics sign-off solution for digital designs. Its powerful analytics quickly identify any weaknesses and allow what-if explorations to optimize power and performance. Redhawk-SC’s cloud-based architecture gives it the speed and capacity to handle full-chip analysis. Signoff accuracy is certified by all major foundries for all finFET nodes, down to 3nm.

  • Timing Impact of IR-Drop with Path FX
  • ESD Solution with PathFinder
  • Thermal and 3DIC with Electrothermal Option
  • Interoperable with AnsysBoard/System Tool

Ansys RedHawk-SC Electrothermal

AnsysRedHawk-SC Electrothermal is a multiphysics solution for analyzing multi-die chip packages and interconnects for power integrity, parasitic extraction, signal integrity, thermal behavior and thermo-mechanical stress. It works together with the RedHawk-SC power integrity platform and is integrated with AEDT/Icepak board/system analysis tools. RedHawk-SC Electrothermal is foundry certified for integrated fanout and silicon interposer technologies.

  • Option to RedHawk-SC
  • Generates Hierarchical Models
  • Integrated with AEDT/Icepak

Ansys Totem

Ansys Totem-SC is the industry’s trusted gold standard voltage drop and electromigrationmultiphysics sign-off solution for transistor-level and mixed-signal designs. With a track record of thousands of tapeouts, Totem-SC’s cloud-based architecture gives it the speed and capacity to handle full-chip analysis. Signoff accuracy is certified by all major foundries for all finFET nodes down to 3nm.

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Solution with AnsysPathFinder-SC
  • IP power Models for AnsysRedHawk-SC
  • Digital and Analog in Single Simulation

Ansys Pathfinder – SC

AnsysPathFinder-SC identifies and isolates the root causes of design issues that can cause chip failure from charged-device model (CDM), human body model (HBM), or other ESD events. It’s high-capacity, cloud-native architecture can enlist thousands of compute cores for fast full-chip turnaround. PathFinder-SC is certified by major foundries for current density checks and ESD sign-off.

  • Integrated with Totem-SC Power Integrity
  • Outputs Chip ESD Compact Model (CECM)

Ansys Path FX

Ansys Path FX allows you to calculate timing with variation on a full SoC, without taking any shortcuts. Its unique cell modeling delivers SPICE accuracy timing for any voltage or variation condition with a single library. Path FX has a fully threaded and distributed architecture, with the ability to scale to thousands of CPUs

  • Complementary to Regular STA
  • Timing with RedHawk-SC

Ansys PowerArtist

AnsysPowerArtist is the comprehensive RTL design-for-power platform of choice of leading low-power semiconductor companies for early power analysis and reduction. PowerArtist includes physically-aware RTL power accuracy, interactive power debug, analysis-driven power reduction, unique metrics for tracking power efficiency and vector coverage, rapid power profiling of real workloads, and seamless enablement of RTL-to-physical power grid integrity.

  • Physically Aware RTL Power Analysis
  • Automated RTL Power Reduction
  • Interactive Power Debug
  • Long Vector Profiling and Coverage

Ansys RaptorH

AnsysRaptorH is an electromagnetic modeling software with capacity to model power grids, full custom blocks, spiral inductors, and clock trees. Its high-speed distributed processing delivers accurate, silicon-proven S-parameter and RLCk models. RaptorH can analyze partial and unfinished layouts during the design phase and makes it easy to use either the general purpose HFSS engine or the silicon-optimized RaptorX engine for silicon structures.

  • Choose HFSS or Raptor Engine
  • Reads encrypted foundry tech files
  • Works with All Circuit Simulators
  • Silicon-proven accurate EM models
  • Compatible with all IC design platforms and flows

Ansys Pharos

Pharos combines Ansys’ unparalleled EM engine capacity with a proprietary high-capacity circuit simulation engine to perform coupling analysis and provide ranking of potential EM crosstalk aggressors per victim node. By highlighting the most susceptible nets, designers can focus their design decisions to manage EM crosstalk on these nets and de-risk the design process.

  • High-capacity Extraction and Modeling
  • Fast EM Analysis for Large Designs
  • ‘What-if’ Analysis
  • Report Ranked Victim/Aggressor Pairs

Ansys Exalto

AnsysExalto is a post-LVS RLCk extraction software solution that enables IC designers to accurately capture unknown crosstalk among different blocks in the design hierarchy by extracting lumped-element parasitics and generating an accurate model for electrical, magnetic and substrate coupling. Exalto interfaces with most LVS tools and can complement the RC extraction tool of your choice.

  • Capacity for Very Complex Layouts
  • Interfaces with LVS Tools
  • Results Combine with Digital LPE
  • Point-and-Click interactive Interface

Ansys VeloceRF

AnsysVeloceRF shortens the design cycle by greatly reducing the time it takes to synthesize and model complex spiral devices and T-lines. It takes only a few seconds to compile an inductor or transformer geometry, and just a couple of minutes to model and analyze it. It integrates with leading EDA platforms, instantiating ready-to-tape-out layouts.

  • Synthesize DRC-clean Devices
  • Supported by All Major Foundries
  • Silicon Verified
  • Reduce Silicon Size and Cost

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