Modeling light propagation and its impact is crucial for measuring product performance and human comfort, perception and safety. Ansys Optics & VR uniquely simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect, predicts and validates the impact of lighting and material variations on appearance and perceived quality all in real conditions. Visualize your product before it exists to deliver the ultimate virtual customer experience.

Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Products


Ansys SPEOS delivers an intuitive and comprehensive user interface, enhanced productivity with use of GPUs for simulation previews and easy access to the Ansysmultiphysics ecosystem.

  • Simulate Sensor Vision
  • Advanced Optical Analysis
  • Optical Design Optimization
  • Human Vision

Ansys VRXperience Light Simulation

The use of Ansys VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation enables you to combine 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software with physics-based lighting simulation solutions, for interior and exterior lighting. This unique solution empowers you to combine correct optical properties of all materials and light sources with physical ray tracing of light to ensure a fully true-to-life virtual representation. The seamless workflow with Autodesk VRED and VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation allows you to enjoy engineering-grade light simulation.

  • Physically-Based Light Simulation
  • Accelerate the Design Decision-Making Process
  • Powerful and Innovative Lighting Systems
  • Bridging the Gap Between Design and Engineering

Ansys VRXperience Perceived Quality

Test and validate your product design in context. VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality can instantly compare multiple design intents for materials and lighting. The process allows you to validate choices against design specifications and select lighting and material combinations in lifelike conditions. Create a virtual prototype from a 3D format and easily prepare a virtual model, helping you make choices early in the design process, in real-time optical simulation.

  • Fast Design Process
  • Physics-based Light Simulation
  • Validate Product in Context
  • Highly Accurate Renderings

AR VRXperience HMI

Ansys VRXPERIENCE HMI lets you test and validate a full cockpit HMI design—including virtual displays and actuators—through visual simulation, eye and finger tracking and haptic feedback. With a full HMI evaluation for next-generation vehicles using virtual reality, this tool reduces the time and cost of design by decreasing the number of expensive physical prototypes needed to validate products.

  • Software in the Loop
  • Interactive Prototype in Virtual Reality
  • Test Your Embedded Software
  • Ready to Use for Flight Simulation
  • Interact with Your Cutting-Edge HMI System
  • Human in the Loop

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