Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products are for engineers who need to make better, faster decisions. Our CFD simulation products have been validated and are highly regarded for their superior computing power and accurate results. Reduce development time and efforts while improving your product’s performance and safety.

Fluids Products

Ansys Fluent

Ansys Fluent gives you more time to innovate and optimize product performance. Trust your simulation results with a software that has been extensively validated across a wide range of applications. With AnsysFluent, you can create advanced physics models and analyze a variety of fluids phenomena—all in a customizable and intuitive space.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Single Window, Streamlined Workflow
  • Best-in-Class Physics Models
  • Parallel Capabilities for Meshing and Solving

Ansys CFX

Fast, Accurate Results State-of-the-art Technologies for Turbomachinery
Known for its extreme robustness, CFX is the gold standard CFD software when it comes to turbomachinery applications. Both solver and models are wrapped in a modern, intuitive, and flexible GUI, with extensive capabilities for customization and automation using session files, scripting and a powerful expression language. Highly scalable high-performance computing will help speed up simulations including pumps, fans, compressors and turbines.

  • Streamlined Turbo Setup and Post
  • Rotor-stator Interaction Models
  • Transient Blade Row Methods
  • Highly Scalable HPC

Ansys Chemkin Pro

Today’s energy standards call for high yields, efficiency and quality with minimal byproduct or waste. AnsysChemkin-Pro is a chemical kinetics simulator that models idealized reacting flows and provides insight into results before production testing. Relying on testing alone for verifying chemical processes is prohibitive, given today’s shortened design cycles. Effective simulation is critical for cost-effective designs and gets your product to market faster.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Rapid Insights and Results
  • Gold Standard for Chemical Kinetic Simulation
  • Power CFD Simulations

Ansys Forte

Ansys Forte incorporates the proven AnsysChemkin-Pro solver technology for validated gas phase and surface chemistry. This positive displacement compressor and internal combustion engine design software can quickly and accurately predict performance and design improvements. Streamlined workflows and automatic mesh generation reduce hands on time, enabling more time to reach optimal design ideas.

  • Validated Kinetics Models
  • Automated and Streamlined Workflows
  • Automatic Mesh Generation
  • Fast Chemistry Solver

Ansys EnSight

AnsysEnSight is the user friendly, market-leading data visualization tool. It can handle large simulation datasets from all physics and engineering disciplines. This software is capable of consolidating data from multiple engineering simulations to help you analyze and explain the most complex systems and processes.

  • Modern, Interactive User Interface
  • Can Handle Large Simulation Datasets
  • Interactive Transient Post-processing
  • Multiphysics Data Visualization


Ice accretion is a complex phenomenon that is extremely difficult to replicate using physical testing. Yet it’s essential to understand and limit for safety, product performance, and strict regulations. FENSAP-ICE brings you convenience by encompassing all major aspects of in-flight icing. Having no significant geometric limitations, it is applicable to aircraft, rotorcraft, UAVs, jet engines, nacelles, probes, detectors and other installed systems.

  • Ice Cracking and Shedding
  • Ice Protection System Analysis
  • Ice Accretion Analysis
  • Aerodynamic Performance Penalty Analysis

Ansys Model Fuel Library

Ansys Model Fuel library includes over 70 extensively validated real fuel models. Based on both the outcome of the industry-driven Model Fuels Consortium (2006-2012) project and the ongoing Model Fuel Library Subscription Service. Master fuel components can be used to create accurate simulations for combustion of such common fuels as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, FT fuels, natural or synthetic gas, biofuels and additives. Such fuels may be represented by “surrogate fuels” that are a combination of multiple MFL fuel components.

  • Single Window Workflow
  • Watertight Geometry Meshing
  • Task-Based Customization
  • Best-In-Class Physics Models

Ansys Polyflow

AnsysPolyflow accelerates design time while shrinking energy and raw material demands for manufacturing processes. Polyflow helps to investigate the behavior of new plastics and elastomers. Virtual prototyping enables optimization and design exploration to reduce waste and overdesign.

  • Inverse Die Design
  • Thermoforming
  • Extrusion
  • Blow Molding

Ansys Turbogrid

AnsysTurboGrid is a high-quality turbomachinery meshing software. It features novel automated mesh generation capabilities in a simple-to-use, streamlined workspace. The tools offered can be applied to a wide variety of turbomachinery equipment and will help produce better simulation results.

  • Fully Automated Topology and Meshing
  • Automated Tip Clearance Meshing
  • Tailored for Turbomachinery
  • Rapid Mesh Quality Feedback

Ansys Vista TF

2D throughflow simulation is a critical step in the rotating machinery design process. VistaTF provides you with quick answers and can grant a better insight to your design or expose unexpected issues. Perform initial design iterations in 2D before moving to detailed 3D analysis to reduce development time and engineering resources.

  • 2D Throughflow Solver
  • Powerful Post-processing
  • Rapid Initial Turbomachinery Analysis
  • Integrated with Ansys Workbench

Ansys Blade Modeler

AnsysBlademodeler assists in designing all varieties of rotating machinery. This blade design software gives you complete 3D geometry modeling control and even allows for non-bladed equipment to be imported from other CAD software (all major CAD vendors are compatible).

  • Interactive Blade Design
  • Quickly Parameterize and Optimize Blade Designs
  • Integrated with Other Ansys Products
  • Built-in 1D Design Tools

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