1. Casting Simulation

BCIPL provide services with sound casting in different foundry process such as sand casting, investment casting, permanent mold casting and full mold process. BCIPL offers development method for ferrous, nonferrous alloys as well as for other steel and aluminium grades.

What Bluechip offer in Casting Simulation:

  • 3D Modelling of The Casting
  • Casting Simulation
  • Simulation of The Existing Method
  • New Casting Method Design and Development
  • 3D Model of The New Method
  • Simulation of The New Method
  • Report Generation


  • Sand Casting Process
  • Investment Casting Process
  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Gravity Die Casting

Predictions of Defects:

  • Solidification & Shrinkage
  • Cold Shut and Misrun
  • Air and Gas Entrapment,Inclusion
  • Thermal Stress
2. Moldflow Simulation

Our expertise in the field of polymer flow, injection molding, and melt delivery optimization combined with a comprehensive understanding simulation software enables Bluechip to provide Moldflow Simulation services more effectively and helps in saving money.

We provide low cost and effective Moldflow Analysis services with the help of our skilled engineers.

Requirement for a Moldflow Analysis:

  • 3D CAD model (.IGES, .STEP or any other CAD format files)
  • The injection gate infomation including size, number and location
  • Material property
  • What are your main concerns from the analysis

What Bluechip offer in Moldflow Simulation:

  • A full standard Moldflow analysis report
  • The detailed analysis results including: filling time, clamp force, warpage, weldline, temperature, etc.
  • Project description and Moldflow input information
  • Summary, conclusion, comments and suggestions
  • Video Animations

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