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Evolution of Industry 4.0

  • Industry 1.0 (1784) – The invention of steam engines kick started the industry 1.0. However, the manufacturing was purely labor oriented and tiresome.
  • Industry 2.0 (1870) – The first assembly line production was introduced. This invention was a big relief for the workers as their labor was minimized to the possible extent. Henry ford the father of mass production and the assembly line introduced the process in a car manufacturing plant by Ford to improve the productivity using conveyor belt mechanism.
  • Industry 3.0 (1969) – Involved advancement of electronic technology and industrial robotics, miniaturization of the circuit boards through programmable logic controllers, Industrial robotics to simplify, automate and increase the production. However the operations still remained isolated from the entire enterprise.
  • Industry 4.0 (2010) – The version of connected enterprise through interconnecting industrial assets through the internet was fulfilled with the introduction of Industry 4.0. The smart devices communicate with each other and create valuable insights. IIoT brought with it the advantages of asset optimization, production integration, smart monitoring, and remote diagnosis, intelligent decision making and making the most importantly the feature of predictive maintenance.

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