Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is much more advanced than the commercial IoT, primarily due to the prevalence of connected sensors in the industrial world, which are the “things” in the IoT. Hundreds of millions of connected wired and wireless pressure, level, flow, temperature, vibration, acoustic, position, analytical, and other sensors are installed and operating in the industrial sector, and millions more are added annually, increasing value with additional monitoring, analysis, and optimization. These sensors connect to a variety of higher level software platforms, both on- and offsite.These higher level software platforms include control and monitoring, asset management, and specialized data-analysis systems. At remote data-analysis centers, sophisticated big data analytics are performed by dedicated experts to reveal patterns, problems, and solutions, thus improving performance, efficiency and reducing costs.

How we can help your business?

Operational Effectiveness

Drive Growth. Reduce waste. Increase profits and improve efficiency for improved business performance.

Real time Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Monitor & Maximize Line Efficiency. Get real-time insights into OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), OPE (Overall Process Effectiveness) at cell, machine and/or plant levels.

Asset Management

Go from Reactive to Proactive and Predictive. Monitor performance and manage it remotely.

Alerts and Notifications

Set alerts and notifications to identify Idle time pockets. Monitor tool and inventory consumption. Reduce spares and tooling costs.

Energy Monitoring

Get granular visibility into energy consumption at machine, cell and plant levels. With real-time monitoring for load management, identify downsizing opportunities and reduce network losses resulting in substantial energy conservation.

Production Visibility

With a Connected Shop Floor, create a centralized platform – a ‘single source of truth’ for all Operational metrics of Machine Utilization, Performance, Quality, Condition Monitoring and Energy Consumption in real time.

Remote Asset Monitoring

With the Connected Products gain insights into the real world operating parameters of assets deployed in the field. Monitor the Health of assets remotely and predict equipment failure. Improve service levels and revenue models.

Bluechip is your partner to leverage the power of Internet of things to start your Industry 4.0 initiatives.

  • We will help you listen to your machines in your industries and understand how they operate to use this information to drive up productivity and predicting when a machine is about to fail.
  • Moving from proactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.
  • To help you build connectivity to machines that you ship to customers.
  • Help you understand how your machines actually work, getting you inside of your machine operations through Augmented Reality.
  • Use this information to know on how your customers use your product.
  • Knowing how and why your machine failed. Providing rich source of real-world data to help you build a better product.

IoT Based Home Automation System

How about getting your house ready for you before you reach home! Or say an IoT device that can transfer all your cell phone or laptop data to projector screen or TV over Wi-Fi! Or say having an IoT device that shall just update and control your fish tank activities. IoT technology has taken all over. Today we can monitor various sensor data, appliances and machines over the internet. All is possible due to the concept of IoT. It has been predicted that by year 2020 we will have 50 billion connected devices. IoT has emerged as an important technology to build products of future as well as yielded new job prospects.

  • Arm or disarm your security system using your smartphone.
  • Arm the motion sensor in the home to turn on the appliances with motion detection for a particular instant of time to save energy.
  • Choose from a range of cameras and sensors that help you keep an eye on what matters the most. Shift views, watch live or record clips and get alerts for unusual activity.
  • Your home and your life demands unwavering security. Sensors on doors and windows after the system being armed detects unusual activities and sends alerts through SMS, or email.
  • Advance smoke and heat sensor sound the alarm at the first signs of a fire and contacts fire and parametric units for you.
  • Smart locking system which when armed only you can control who enters your house.
  • Make your home listen your voice and do the things you want it to do using the voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Glass breaking sensor to detect the unwanted intrusions and take immediate actions for the same.

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