PTC Arbortext

Industry-Leading End-to-End Dynamic Publishing Software

PTC’s end-to-end dynamic publishing solution streamlines how organizations create, manage and publish technical information.

In today’s global marketplace—where businesses are operating across borders and time zones—your customers demand that accurate, relevant product information be delivered in real-time. PTC Arbortext provides the capability to define, author, illustrate, manage and deliver dynamic product information—in the user’s preferred language and format—on demand.

PTC Arbortext Editor

PTC Arbortext Editor enables the authoring of structured content with real-time validation. Authors can create product-based information that enables the delivery of contextual, up-to-date product and service information in the form of interactive service procedures, illustrated parts lists, operator and service manuals, and product training materials. Authors can create and edit document components and structures and implement publishing standards like DITA, S1000D and DocBook.

PTC Arbortext IsoDraw

PTC Arbortext IsoDraw delivers 2D technical illustrations and intelligent graphics to optimize product and service information in the forms of assembly instructions, parts catalogs, operator and service manuals, and training documents. It enables users to automate the process of creating and updating high-quality technical illustrations from scratch or from original 2D and 3D CAD systems. In addition, it maintains an associative link to up-to-date CAD data to automate the updating of illustrations when engineering designs change throughout the product lifecycle.

PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine

PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine is a server-based system that manages content flow and delivers high-quality, consistent product and service information throughout the product lifecycle. It can intelligently aggregate, profile and assemble content automatically to provide accurate, relevant product and service information. Users can publish to one or multiple medium(s), such as Web, interactive and page-based formats. The software produces on-demand, updated publications across all target media, including HTML for Web, EPUB or Help delivery and page-based formats such as PDF and PostScript, as well as Microsoft Word.

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