PTC Creo Simulate

PTC Creo Simulate gives designers and engineers the power to evaluate structural and thermal product performance on your digital model before resorting to costly, time-consuming physical prototyping. By gaining early insight into product behaviour, you can greatly improve product quality while saving time, effort and money.

Creo Simulate

The software has the same user interface, workflow and productivity tools that are standard throughout the PTC Creo family. It is available as a standalone application or as an extension of PTC Creo Parametric.

Features and Specifications

Analysis Capabilities

  • Linear Static Structural Analysis
  • Static Structural Analysis with Small Displacement Contact
  • Modal Structural Analysis
  • Linear Buckling Structural Analysis
  • Linear Steady State Thermal Analysis
  • FEM mode: Use of NASTRAN solver
    - Linear Static Structural Analysis
    - Modal Structural Analysis
Creo Simulate

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