PTC Creo Schematics

To succeed in today’s markets, companies need to introduce products faster than the competition, at lower cost, and with higher quality. PTC Creo Schematics helps you achieve this goal by automating the cabling and piping systems detailed design processes – saving time, effort, and money.

When designing products that contain cabling or piping, it is absolutely essential to create high quality diagrams that document and plan the schematic requirements. The software contains the rich breadth of diagramming tools to satisfy the needs of many disciplines and industries, without forcing designers to compromise.

Creo Schematics

As part of the design process, mechanical designers route cables and pipes within their 3D assembly using schematic designs as maps. The software automates this step, extracting the schematic information and electronically driving the routed systems within any 3D MCAD system that accepts XML data. It is specifically optimized to utilize all the rich capabilities in cable and pipe routing within PTC Creo. This com¬patibility not only speeds the 3D design by removing the tedious, manual process of interpreting 2D schematic diagrams, but it also virtually eliminates errors by ensuring adherence to the logic defined in the schematics.

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