CAD models provide accurate geometry definition for complex doubly curved surfaces and define accurate nominal values for simple prismatic shapes.   CAD files contain ever richer additional information, including detailed structure information for assemblies and GD&T.

PowerINSPECT can read all mainstream CAD formats and uses the design intent from the CAD file to help make inspection programming faster and easier. Using the CAD file makes graphical reporting easier to visualize and understand, and allows much more effective collision detection for automated measurement.

PowerINSPECT allows you to prepare inspection sequences offline, maximising the availability of inspection equipment. What's more, user friendly graphical programming allows the user to select inspection features from the CAD view.

PowerINSPECT allows quick and easy preparation of inspection reports that can be understood by anyone.

Graphical reports can be created with a single click.  More comprehensive reports combining text and images are built from provided templates and are compiled automatically during measurement.

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