Delcam FeatureCAM: Automating machining processes, minimising programming times and increasing productivity

FeatureRECOGNITION is a powerful way to simplify and accelerate programming. By programming parts based on features in the CAD model, FeatureCAM streamlines machining and makes it easier to create and edit parts. FeatureCAM provides manual, interactive and fully automatic feature recognition (AFR).  AFR identifies all 2D, 3D, Turn, Turn/Mill and Wire EDM features, including features that overlap or intersect. Features are fully associative with the CAD model so that design revisions are re-machined automatically. 

Ease of use is a guiding principal in the development of FeatureCAM. Graphical feedback, step-by-step wizards and tutorial-style animations run directly in the program dialog boxes. Ease of use has always been a FeatureCAM advantage and with feedback from our customers we continue to study ways to make the software even easier to learn and use.

FeatureCAM offers a comprehensive solution for milling, turning, turn/mill and wire EDM.  All of your machine tools can be programmed within a single user interface designed to shorten programming times and reduce the learning curve for new users.  Integrated 3D machine simulation, together with a library of over 350 fully customisable post-processors, lets you visualise exactly how your parts will be machined.

Based on more than 20 years of development, FeatureCAM generates quality toolpaths – allowing you to produce parts of the highest standard for your customers. Delcam’s policy of code sharing between its CAM software solutions has resulted in FeatureCAM benefiting from many of PowerMILL’s proven strategies for high-speed machining and 5-axis machining.  Multi-threading, the process of splitting toolpath calculation across multiple CPUs, lets you program your parts faster than ever before.

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