Industry-standard CAD software tools and features

Discover the powerful and affordable CAD software that transforms 2D designs into 3D reality. CorelCAD™ 2016 provides customizable 2D drafting tools and superior 3D design tools within an interactive workspace to achieve your CAD goals in all types of industries. Increase your workflow productivity with native .DWG file format support for worry-free collaboration on CAD files with colleagues and business partners. Work in a familiar environment with the ribbon UI, 3D print-ready features and STL file output. Optimized for Windows, Mac OS and Android tablets, CorelCAD delivers impressive speed, performance and customization on the platform of your choice.


  •  Native .DWG files
  •  Quick Input
  •  Drawing Tabs*
  •  Layer tools
  •  Layer States Manager
  •  Multiline BlockAttributes
  •  Best performance
  •  CorelCAD Mobile
  •  Windows ribbon UI
  •  Industry-standard CAD features
  •  Drawing constraints
  •  In-place text editing
  •  Annotative Scaling
  •  Head-up Display
  •  Dynamic blocks
  •  Table support
  •  Entity snaps and grips
  •  Custom coordinates
  •  Design Resources
  •  CAD file standards verification
  •  Smart Dimension tools
  •  Dimension Offset Distances
  •  Annotation and collaboration
  •  PDF and DGN Underlay functionality†
  •  3D viewing capabilities
  •  3D modeling and solid editing tools
  •  Transition from 2D to 3D
  •  3D mouse support
  •  Print 3D designs
  •  CorelDRAW file import
  •  CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER export
  •  Migration assistance
  •  Legacy file format support
  •  Easy file sharing
  •  Work with GIS files
  •  Exchange 3D files with colleagues and suppliers
  •  Print configurations
  •  Pack & Go command†
  •  Built for speed on Windows, Mac and Android devices
  •  Automation support
  •  Plugins†

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